Martina Shannon

I have always been an odd maker. As a child, I would lose myself in a world created from lollipop sticks, cereal packets, and fairy liquid bottles. This was a setting that I felt safe in and to a certain degree, still do. My mother, an excellent seamstress and curtain maker, would always have scraps of fabric left over from whatever she was making, and I would then use them to make dresses for my dolls and sometimes even my baby brother. She instilled in me the love of seemingly useless objects, and the challenge to make something interesting from them, would keep me occupied for hours.

I create Innovative, site specific, material led, modular installations and sculptures from a variety of everyday items. I give new life to factory floor waste and transform these materials into art. My work is commission based and I endeavor to reflect a company's brand and processes, celebrating the quality of materials they use. I also design new and innovative products for companies giving added value to their waste.

I am driven by the process and become completely enveloped in the making, working almost without thinking, and rarely having the end piece in mind. The raw material is my starting point. I will explore its boundaries. I will crack cds and dvds in the microwave and melt them with a heat gun. I will mould, and contort, baubles, medical tubing, and plastic rings etc. to create organic shapes. I will fold and spiral corrugated paper, foil insulation, carpet, etc. till they are almost beyond recognition. I will shape, smash, paint, sew, or burn an object, till I am happy with how the material looks. Then the making will begin and the installation will evolve in its own direction much like a plant does. The work grows through the process, and it can sprout, flower and creep in any direction.

I am influenced by the complex yet seemingly effortless structure of seeds and pods and the growth that emerges. If left alone, will spread and flourish over everything in its path with no order, no pattern, and no direction to its sprouting. It moves along lines that are not determined.

My aspiration to reflect growth is a constant motivation, not only in the plant but in ourselves, never completely finished and always a work in progress. Like the seed, advancement comes from periods of darkness, struggle, and pain, smashed and broken beyond all recognition, but then, beauty comes. We may take for granted the work of the little seed but I wonder if this is a grave mistake. As Clive Bell said “A rose is the visible result of an infinitude of complicated goings on in the bosom of the earth and in the air above, and similarly a work of art is the product of strange activities in the human mind” (Parker, 2014)

It has been a life long dream of mine to attend art college and in 2016 I graduated from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in 2016 with an Honours Bachelors Degree in Textiles Art and Artefact

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Alupro Ireland. Sculpture for the "Can It" Green Awards 2015 Installation

"Disconnect" for Composer, Roisin Hayes.


2017 Medtronic, Athlone and Tullamore

2017 Dross Evolution, Newbridge Silverware, Newbridge

2017 Wonky, Inspire Gallery, Dublin

2016 Disconnect, NCAD.Dublin

2016 RUA RED, South Dublin Art Centre.

2016 Dross Evolution, NCAD Yellow Box Gallery

2016 BIG SHOT, the Musical. Liberty Hall

2015 Bluefire Festival, Dublin

2015 Stendhal Festival of Art, Limavady.

2015 Seeing the Unseen, Drogheda Arts Festival. Scotch Hall Drogheda

2014 Work in Progress, Village at Lyons, Celbridge, Co Kildare.

2013 Dance of the Handbags, Canal Café, Sallins, Co. Kildare

2012 Splash of Colour, Naas Library, Naas, Co Kildare.

2008, Space and Time, Sackcloth and Ashes Gallery, Sallins, Co. Kildare


Works held in private collections in Ireland, England, Germany and the United States. Residencies 2015 Stendhall Festival of Art, Limavady