Thanks a million for a great drop in workshop today. The kids loved it! The perfect spot for a rainy day! Dora Daly 

Thanks so much Martina for a fantastic Unicorn 🦄 Princess 👸birthday party for Joanna,The kids all had a lovely afternoon 😍 Laura Feary

Kids had a great time at Dross Evolution making Minecraft creepers and silverfish. They had a great time.Pam Kavanagh.

Had a brilliant workshop here with a couple of friends. Martina is lovely and so so helpful and we all got to leave with gorgeous headpieces � highly recommend for a girlie evening! Aoife McCaffrey

Visited this shop today. Fab shop...a must if you love mixed media art....inspiring, creative, innovative, excellent quality, loved this wishes with it and with opening of other new venues. Bernadette Morley

Testimonials from users of the Dross Evolution Art Center

Rachel McDermott I think Dross Evolution is a wonderful idea Martina. 5 years ago I was in my own personal hell, terribly lost and depressed after the death of my only child, Katie. All i seemed to do was work and come home and drink the pain away. I knew I couldn't carry on the way I was going so when I saw an ad for a workshop on up-cycling furniture held once a week. I understood it was do or die for me. The need to create was huge in me but I was overwhelmed at the thoughts of having to start meeting people and start living again. As I lived in an apartment I had used all the excuses under the sun NOT to start creating I.E NO SPACE - NO MONEY FOR MATERIALS - NO CONFIDENCE Every part of me wanted to stay isolated and wrapped in a blanket of self pity but this post gave me the push i needed to rejoin the human race. That was just over 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since. It was the best thing I've every done. I've met some wonderful friends along the way through the creative community. I will always be so grateful to Martina Caffrey Shannon for giving me the chance to exhibit my work in Dross Evolution as being involved with her and the other artists has given me more confidence than you will ever know. You not only provide a space for creativity but you could be a life line to people who are looking to heal.

Jean Lowndes I just want to Thank Martina Shannon for all your hard work with the Dross Evolution Gallery. .I am delighted to be involved. I loved meeting the other creative designers and artists making friends and having a wonderful venue to exhibit and work. I was delighted with my sales there too. Martina Shannon Caffrey is so generous with her time her encouragement and it was a fabulous experience being involved.

Zuzanna Cisowska I am very happy and proud to be part of Dross Evolution gallery. It was very important for me that I could exhibit my creations locally as I live in Naas. It worked out well for me financially so over all it was great experience. I also value meeting and talking to other creative people and artists, this is even more valuable than sales. I got great help and encouragement from Martina Shannon and I really appreciated the time and effort she put into this place to work. It was also fantastic to have access to a huge variety of recycled materials at no cost.

Carmen Garcia Dross Evolution is an amazing initiative instigated and driven by Martina Shannon. Thanks to Martina, her passion and hard work, a group of designers, artists and craft makers were able to have their work for sale at low cost. It was a very positive experience as well as having a presence in the market. I felt part of a community, inspired and supported.

Eithne Reddy When I first saw Martina's call out to Local Crafters,Designers and Artists to join the Dross Evolution community I could not have been happier. It offered everything I hoped for and I was thrilled to include in my own pieces namely "works created from recycled and sustainable materials, taken from factory floor waste to found objects". What an unique and exciting concept. It encouraged me greatly to develop my own business idea and to take it a step further to fruition. I gained enormous support and guidance from Martina along the way. Martina offered this service for a nominal fee each month and single handedly ran all aspects of the business professionally and enthusiastically, leaving the rest of us to be creative and innovative and not have to worry about the the boring stuff! The many inspiring and unique works of art on display when you visit Dross Evolution is testimony to this fact. I am very thankful and honoured to be involved in the Dross Evolution Art Centre. I have no doubt it is only the beginning of something great

Patricia Stacke-kelly I found my involvement with Martina and the Dross Evolution art Center to be a very beneficial experience. I sold some work and got great exposure from the venture. Dross Evolution provides a platform for engagement and collaboration for emerging artists, Martina's commitment and dedication to her enterprise has been very encouraging to see. Dross Evolution has been a great experience to be a part of and I look forward to seeing it's road ahead.

Monika McDonnell I am very grateful to Martina for the opportunity to display and sell my work in the Dross Evolution gallery and for inviting me to join the collective of incredible artists. It is fantastic to be part of an artistic movement with a great ethical ethos and focus on the benefits for the environment through recycling, up-cycling and creative use of what is generally regarded as unwanted waste. I have learned so much from everyone involved and Martina’s talent, passion for art, determination and selfless support for other artists will forever inspire me in my creative efforts

Jill MacNeil. Brought my 6 year old and her friend to a free arty class today in Dross Evolution. They had a great couple of hours in the capable hands of Martina. Loads of possible choices for their imaginations to run free in this amazing creative zone. Highly recommended. We'll be back! AND they do parties.... Thanks again!

Bernie Morley Visited this Dross Evolution today. Fab shop...a must if you love mixed media art....inspiring, creative, innovative, excellent quality, loved this wishes with it and with opening of other new venues. Bernadette

Ita Laffan Had my sons party in Dross Evolution today with 17 kids. They had a blast Making monster bottles, singing, dancing, prizes. pizza etc was great to add to the package - for kids into art and craft a great option for a hassle free party - thank you

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