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We provide lots of wonderful Art and Craft and Game activities for Festivals, Fun Days, Family and Corporate Events. All our activities are suitable for all ages, are great fun, suitable for any event and any numbers.

All staff, prep work, materials, tools, table or floor coverings, and prizes included. 

We can design events for any number of children using any theme. Below we have given some examples of activities we have on offer for Halloween.

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Activities for Halloween Events

Giant Hook a Monster Game:

This is a monster version of Hook a Fish but instead of catching fish they catch creepy monsters Children love this game and everyone who catches a monster wins something (which is every one really, we make sure of it) and prizes are varied but can include stickers, loom bands, bubbles, small craft projects etc.This activity is great fun for all ages. Every monster caught has a sticker on the back stating the prize won. Images available soon

Make a Giant Creepy Creep Mask (Kimmy Cantrell Style) 

The basic shape of this monster mask is ready and all children and adults have to do is decorate it. We provide a short demo and children and adults can get to work and make their creepy creep as scary as they like. This activity is created to be easy for young children as well as more complicated for older ones. It is great fun for all ages.

Make a Spider Puppet 

Younger children love this activity. All shapes are already prepared and children just have to assemble and stick together. Demo and assistance given.

Make a CD Monster 

This is also an activity which is very suitable for younger children and involves using cds to make monsters. All materials and demo provided.

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